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Empowering full lives through meaningful activity




Recreotherapy is a social enterprise that provides an innovative approach to service delivery highlighting the impact of meaningful and purposeful activities and experiences for optimal living and aging.

At Recreotherapy, we design, implement and evaluate programs, services, events and products, provide education and training, collaborate in applied research, and coach and consult with health care teams to integrate principles of therapeutic recreation into their regular practice.

Our social mission is to enhance optimal living and aging, advocate for the profession of recreation therapy, provide student learning opportunities and jobs for new grads, and to ultimately change the narrative of disability, aging, dementia and caregiving.


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Erica Botner is a Certified Recreation Therapist who has devoted her life’s work to helping people find meaning and joy in their life.  She is known for providing relationship-centered, compassionate care and for designing, implementing and evaluating high-quality and large-scales programs and events. Erica has a BA in Recreation and Leisure Studies (with options in Therapeutic Recreation and Aging Studies) and an MSc in Rehabilitation Science. After 20+ years of experience working in various settings (clinical, community and academic) and working with various populations (seniors, people living with dementia, care partners, mental health, kids with developmental disabilities, and neurorehabilitation), Erica founded Recreotherapy and she continues to teach Recreation Therapy courses at Concordia University and recently completed her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training.



with Health

Barriers, Families and Organizations

Do you have a physical, cognitive, social, or emotional challenge

that prevents you from doing the activities that you love to do?

Do you have a family member or clients who are experiencing a loss of autonomy and feeling isolated? Do you wish they could be more active, stimulated, engaged and connected?




Someone from our team of trained professionals will will discover your needs as long with your unique strengths and interests to design an individualized plan designed to meet your personal goals and improve the quality of your life.






We will provide you with a social prescription designed to ensure you MOVE, LEARN, CREATE, CONNECT, and RELAX using a variety of techniques and resources that are meaningful and purposeful for you.



  • Quality of life and wellbeing

  • Meaning, purpose and joy

  • Improve/maintain/slow down decline

  • Sense of belonging, reduced isolation

  • Choice over how time is spent

  • Self worth and self-discovery

  • Dignity and respect

  • Guilt free respite and family/caregiver peace of mind



Recreotherapy’s clients can depend on programs and services that are driven by…

Customization: Whether you are an older adult, a caregiver, or an organization that serves

them, all programs and services will be tailored to meet your personalized needs.

Excellence: We bring to each program and service a breadth of knowledge and experience

in program design, implementation and evaluation. We keep abreast of evidence-based and

promisingpractices, and draw up on a range of delivery models and approaches.

Scroll over each section below to find out the details of our values and unique customized approach.

Our approach is grounded in relationships based on dignity and respect between clients, families and health care providers. We listen and honour client and family perspectives and wishes. Their knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds are incorporated into the planning

and delivery of care.







We believe that every individual has potential and that it is their unique strengths rather than their limitations that defines who they are and determines their evolving story. Instead of focusing on deficits, we work with the positive resources and abilities that each person has.


We believe in the full power and potential of leisure. Recreation is any activity with restorative properties, while leisure is the outcome of an experience that is freely chosen, intrinsically motivating, empowering and enjoyable. We support clients in expanding their personal choice around how they spend their time.


Whole Person


We view each person as a whole entity, and we ensure the integrity of each person’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual being. We also take into account the psychosocial context of health and illness and the importance of health prevention and promotion.


Living and


We believe that they key to optimal living and aging is accepting change and finding a sense of meaning and purpose. Aging does not need to be a time of loss or withdrawal, it can be about celebrating successes and enjoying the wisdom, resilience

and mature perspective that comes from life.




We recognize and take into account issues of diversity and are sensitive to gender, ethnicity, language, social class, profession, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation and geographic region. We are Dementia Inclusive and Trauma Informed.



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"Recreation's purpose is not to kill time, but to make life;

not to keep a person occupied, but to keep them refreshed;

not to offer an escape from life but to provide a discovery of life."
- Author Unknown

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