ACES: Online community for staying

Active, Connected, Engaged and Stimulated  


This initiative has been developed by a group of Recreation Therapy students from Concordia

University under the supervision of Recreotherapy in

response to the significant social isolation and lack of

stimulation many people are experiences due to the

COVID-19 restrictions, and especially with the

added challenges of winter coming.

The purpose of the project is to create an online community and offer FREE online sessions for individuals of all ages and abilities, as part of the pilot project.

Ten weeks of 1:1 and small group activities to keep you moving, learning, creating, connecting and recharging from home in the new year. Activities will be personalized and  based on your needs, interests and strengths in order to meet your goals, improve your overall well-being and have fun!.


     Move      Learn      Connect      Create      Recharge


Who is this for:       Children and Teens  -   Adults  -  Older Adults  -  Caregivers

Eligibility criteria:

1. You are 19 years of age or older OR the legal guardian of a minor

2. You are currently experiencing social isolation, lack of stimulation, and/or physical, cognitive, or emotional health challenges that you would like to address

3. You are available between….. for sessions

4. You have access to a compute and/or tablet along with WIFI (if not we can make arrangements to do it by phone)

5. You want to enhance your well being, improve quality of life and have fun!