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Organizations that Recreotherpy has worked with:

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Michelle Holliday, Author: The Age Of Thrivability

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I've known and respected Erica for probably 10 years, but only recently did I have an opportunity to collaborate with her on a complex community project that she initiated and led. With a spirit of generosity and care, she brought together many stakeholders to plan and execute a high-visibility event. What struck me most was how smoothly and joyfully collaboration flowed throughout this project, and how clearly Erica was responsible for that. This is the kind of rare and gentle leadership that so many projects can benefit from. It would be a delight and a privilege to collaborate with Erica again in the future.

Michelle Vezina, Lecturer - Concordia Univ.

Erica is forward-thinking and innovative in her professional endeavors. Her passion for the field of Recreation Therapy through the creation of Recreotherapy provides much needed services that are accessible to various populations. I look forward to seeing her continued success!

Marc Chriqui.jpg

Marc Chriqui

Tech. Entrepreneur Executive

I had the great pleasure of working with Erica on the City of Côte Saint-Luc's Smart Cities Challenge proposal focused on aging in community. It took me all of 10 minutes from the time I met her to be convinced that we had to recruit her as part of our team. A true team player with great all-around skills, vision, passion, intellect, experience, and a big heart, Erica was instrumental in the building and delivery of what was a world-class vision and proposal for the future of aging in community supported by technology. We couldn't have done it without her. I hope to have the privilege of working with Erica again soon!

Vanessa Anastasopoulos, Ph.D., CE

Vanastas, Research Consultant

Vanessa Anastasopoulos.jpg

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Erica when she was the Program Manager at the Cummings Centre and she contracted me to provide evaluation services for two of her community-based programs for older adults and people living with dementia. Based on these collaborations and on my participation in some of her more recent projects, I have become thoroughly impressed with Erica’s ability to seamlessly blend creativity, evidence-based knowledge, and practicality into her work. I also appreciate the way she makes people feel valued and respected through her caring nature and great people skills. As a result of her passion and forward thinking approach, Erica has spearheaded important projects that moved the needle forward in ensuring the quality of life and wellbeing of older adults in our community.

Dayna Morrow, Professor in Higher Education

For more than a decade I have worked with Erica on a variety of health care and volunteer projects. What I have found in her is a knowledgeable, gentle soul who is passionate about many subjects including; recreational therapy, dementia care practice, education and communication. She is organized, has strong leadership skills and a philosophy of care to be appreciated. A skilled visionary she is and a pleasure to work alongside.

Anne Archambault.jpg

Anne Archambault,

Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant

Working with Erica since 2007, it is her commitment to excellence, sharp mind and sense for innovation that consistently standout. She is also a very creative person and once she develops a concept she is able to bring it to fruition with her team. At the heart of her work is profound care for her clients and bringing her team together to create meaningful and empowering experience for the clients

Keren Fyman Ludvig, Bialic School System

Educational Specialist

Erica is a dedicated, passionate professional. She stays on top of research and trends in the field and applies her knowledge to the thoughtful design of meaningful programs for older adults. I saw Erica take several important but underappreciated programs and nurture them into publicly-recognized, financially viable showpieces in the care of older adults and their caregivers. She deserves all the recognition she receives and more!

Vanessa Herrick.jpg

Vanessa Herrick

Exec. Director Seniors Action Quebec

I have worked with Erica on a few projects and have found her to be an excellent collaborator who is bright, energetic and resourceful. She understands the community she is serving and is always looking for ways to work with partners to improve the quality of life of seniors. A great partners to have!

Jennifer Cooke, Reg. Dev. Officer

Greater Montreal at CHSSN

Having worked with Erica on a number of projects , I can enthusiastically endorse her work ethics and expertise. She can work with multiple stakeholders and communicates professionally and efficiently. She is creative and innovative in developing programs and projects, always putting the focus on the needs of the clientele and the success of the objectives.

Sheri McLeod.jpg

Sherri McLeod, Exec. Director

NDG Senior Citizens Council

I had the opportunity to work with Erica in her capacity as grant writer. She is interested in Age-Friendly Cities and was able to connect us with a colleague who also assisted us in the application process for provincial funding. Erica was very professional in her follow-up and demonstrated reliability, punctuality and the ability to take feedback. She was very organized and gave interesting approaches to various components of the action plan. Erica communicates very easily and she was very prompt in her replies. I would highly recommend Erica for her work and look forward to our next project together.

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